Monday, March 29, 2010

Second post eva

Today was pretty uneventful. Except for a few exciting things that happened.

1) I went to the grocery store.
2) I read two paragraphs of a book
3) I took a nap

I know, I know! So incredibly awesomely amazing. Don't worry, I know!

On another note, or should I say beat - hehe - I finally practiced my snare drum today. I bought it almost a month ago and it was sitting in the corner of my room for ages. I wasn't really doing much, just trying to start a book - which I wasn't motivated in the least bit to read anyways.

I popped in Katherine Wheatley's newest CD, "Landed" and started playing along. Until of course, I realized how hard it actually is to play with a CD. You can't 'feel' it as well as if you were to play the songs live. I can't really explain it, and if you're not a musician you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. But there is this groove, this pocket, the way everyone kind of sways to the beat...
Anyways, I gave up after about half an hour. I'm going to try for longer tomorrow.

I would also like to start practicing my accordion again. Haha, there is a lot of stuff I would "like to do".

I watched the movie "Finding Nemo" today with my little sister. It brought back memories of how I used to have a fish tank and used to be an aquarium fanatic. Actually, for a moment, I was even considering getting a tank again - this time saltwater. But, it's incredibly time consuming - and very expensive $$$, and I love my parrot, of whom I will be talking about in posts to come.

Fun diddy for the day: I went to Niagara Falls about two weeks ago and my sister persuaded me to go in a haunted house with her. I almost didn't go in and I cried.

Fact: I don't like scary things.
Fiction: I am a Walrus...Goo goo ga joob.


  1. Hey! What an exciting day you had, Ariana! ;-) Well, things are pretty hectic here too. So far I have gotten up, wash up and all that, did about 10 minutes on the excercise machine (one of those step machines which also has thingies you move to work you great!)....hmmm. Checked for the mail. I got a new issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and there's some good stuff in there, as usual. Okay...needed some energy and ate an apple. That's breakfast. Then got out my Taylor GC-K which is an incredibly sweet little guitar with koa back and sides and played some stuff out at the front of the house, cos it's a nice sunshiny day out there today. Checked the bird feeders...everything's okay there. Went in and checked my email, and saw the message about your Blog. This is the first time in my life I have ever posted to anyone's Blog. How about that?

    Yeah, pretty exciting life, eh? (grin) - George

  2. Say, have you seen Avatar yet? It's a simply wonderful movie. I figure you probably have, but just thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't. I liked it better than any other movie I've seen in, oh, maybe the last 20 years...

    - George

  3. Hey George!
    I actually just watched Avatar last dad knows a guy who knows a guy.
    It seems that you had a more eventful day than I did haha. And I'm so happy that you posted to my blog - and read it too!

    ariana :)