Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ze Fish Bowl of Death...

I have a gig coming up tomorrow - a private party. I feel special. :)
But, my sister, Briar, will be joining me this time which is super exciting. I love playing with her. The energy we generate together is so human. It's that instant feel good organic emotion that usually only occurs between family. I'll be playing drums (aka my snare) with her on one of her songs. We had a practice today and it went over amazingly - it sounds so great.

I really love being just a musician sometimes. Either being the one playing guitar, drums, accordion, whatever while someone else takes over as the 'front-man'. I can enter my own world and concentrate on just the music. It's different - but extremely refreshing and invigorating. I just have to remember to 'warm up' before I play my snare. I was a little shaky at the beginning of the practice today, but got more comfortable as time wore on.

It was beautiful out today. I can't wait till the summer where I can spend most of my day outside - get some much needed vitamin D. And a tan!! Haha, I'm as white as a ghost.
I've noticed that most musicians share this trait though. Probably due to the fact that they are much too busy practicing and promoting themselves to care whether or not they're 'sun-kissed'. Regardless. I really would like to go one summer where someone doesn't comment on my lack of a tan. :)

Experts say that jumping on a trampoline is one of the many cures for depression. Reason can you seriously be depressed when you are bouncing up and down. I know I can't. Try it. You'll smile. :)

Diddy for the day: I have a betta fish and he's still going strong. I feel bad for the little guy because sometimes forget to feed him...and change his water. On a postive note, when I do change the water, he comes back to life again and swims around like he is a happy fish.

Fact: I used to work at Petsmart.
Fiction: I enjoyed my job.

ps - I found this picture sad. Probably because I feel guilty about denying any type of animal the life of freedom it deserves. And the fish on the right looks identical to my betta.

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  1. Hello again...Yeah, there is nothing better in life (as far as I'm concerned) than being a performing musician and doing live music. It was about all I wanted to do from the time I was 17 years old or thereabouts. I was emulating my heroes at the time who were Bob Dylan, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Joan Baez, and the like.

    You are so lucky that you have supportive family members who also play music. Your Dad is a superb musician. You're also lucky that you have an incredible band backing you. Boy, most of us just dream of a band like that one...

    Trampolines....there is another reason why they are good for your health and they combat depression. You have a system throughout the body called the lymph's millions of little channels that move fluids around in the body and refresh all the living cells. Lymph has to move to work, and it cannot move unless you exercise and move your body. It has nothing to pump it (unlike your blood), so only rythmic body movements from walking, swimming, running or other such movements will move the lymph. Wild animals have no trouble with this, because they are active every day in their search for food, and as they move around their lymph system stays healthy.

    But sedentary humans and pets often get very little physical exercise to move the lymph. That causes the whole body to get "stagnant", so to speak, just like stagnant water, and that causes depression, lack of energy, and illness.

    Jumping on a trampoline is absolutely great for moving the lymph system and refreshing and cleaning every cell in your body. Thus it makes you feel great! ;-)

    This is what our fat old dachshund needs! He's the laziest dog in the world. Only trouble is, nothing on Earth could induce him to jump up and down on a trampoline, and he won't go for walks either, so I'm afraid he's a lost cause. ;-)

    - George