Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Down in the Rain

It was raining really heavy today. The power even went out for about 10 minutes. It was exciting.

I happen to love the rain and usually go out and dance in it. Haha that probably made me sound like a hippie freak but it's true.
I went to the bank today and commented to the teller on how beautiful a rainstorm is. She looked at me like I was a nut-case.
Maybe I am. But I'm not afraid to push the boundaries and I'm certainly not afraid of what people think of me.

I read a great quote by Dr. Suess today.
“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel, Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter, and Those Who Matter Don't Mind.”

I wrote a song last night - I actually wasn't even going to write it. I was fumbling around with chords and a melody - kind of experimenting when Briar came out of her room and was like, "Hey, I like that. If you don't write it, I will." And so the challenge began. I still have yet to come up with a strong chorus that I like, but I know something will come to me eventually so I'm not too worried.

diddy of the day: I grew 2 inches in the past year. Don't ask me how, I thought I was done with the growing part of my life. Yet it seems I still have some heights that my heart and body are set out to accomplish.

Fact: I have about 8 pairs of rain boots.
Fiction: I still play with Barbies.

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  1. I just read your post and it made me smile. I take care of a 3 year old boy and today we decided to get our rain gear on and go dancing in the puddles. We splashed around for almost 2 hours and when we arrived back home, were up to our knees in mud but it was totally worth it.
    Dr. Suess is my hero and that quote is by far the best.
    Can't wait to hear the new song. Keep smilin'