Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being Vegan :)

I just bought a MacBook and so I don't really have an excuse anymore for not keeping up with my blog. Haha. :)
So here I go! No-excuse- ariana, typing full speed ahead. (But not really because I'm one of those one finger typer people).

I was incessantly pondering over what to write about today and then I had an idea. So here it is.

What it's like to be Vegan in 8 simple points....

1) Having to keep up-to-date records on all the latest health research so when someone asks you a question like, "But where do you get your protein?", you can answer them scientifically and resourcefully.
2) Having to order a salad every time you go to a restaurant and asking them to hold the cheese, creamy dressing, and meat while the waitress and the rest of your table looks at you funny and you secretly hope the entire time that someone DID NOT spit in your salad (among other things).
3) Having 20 people ask you "But where do you get your protein?" on a daily basis.
4) Having to bring food with you every where 'just in case'.
5) Having to smile politely and not strangle the 21st person today who just asked you where you get your protein from.
6) Having to be compared to a rabbit, bird or other small animal.
7) Having to constantly explain to people, no, I don't eat chicken or fish. They are animals! GAH. :)
8) Having lots of energy and feeling good about life consistently.

TADA! Now you know what it's like...kind-a (If you are in fact vegan please feel free to add to this list in the comment section). On the positive side of things, being Vegan is also extraordinarily rewarding, fun, vibrant and is also a very big part of my life now. But, if you are still wondering where I get my protein from even after the rant - hehe - I take a protein supplement daily and average around 60-70 grams a day - or 30% of my diet. I also eat beans, lentils, sprouts, grains like quinoa, millet, rice, corn and amaranth, fresh dark green leafy vegetables and lots of juicy fruit. YAY!

Diddy of the Day - I just made my first ever vlog that can be viewed on my youtube channel 'arianagillis'. Or here

Fact: I am really strange. No lie. If you ever drive with me somewhere be prepared to be totally weirded out. (Meet my dad and you'll understand where it came from).
Fiction: This bird's name is killer.


  1. 9) Being asked "What about milk/yogurt/ice-cream etc etc?" I guess more people understand that for whatever crazy reasons, some strange people don't eat meat, but the idea of doing without the above seems too odd to consider. Of course, there are great vegan versions of these(with rice/oat/soy/almond/coconut milks etc)
    10) "Why don't you switch back?" Asked by school-friends of my daughter. Clearly a passing fad she will grow out of. (She's been vegan for about 8 years)

  2. You're lucky you can be a vegan. My taste buds won't allow me to. If I tried, I would starve to death. Literally, I would actually die, like for real. If I tried to eat only what vegans eat, my body would throw up most of it. I would not get used to it and eating would be a hateful process, which would not last long, because as I said, I would definitely die.

    Mark Edson