Monday, April 18, 2011

Forms and more forms

My brain is going to explode...
Paperwork is killer. When you stare at all these blank administrative documents it feels so hopeless at first. Pages and pages of questions like, 'What is your Marketing Strategy?', 'How are you specifically going to achieve the goals you have outlined (please provide facts)?', 'How do you plan to market to an international audience?', 'Please provide a brief budget summary (and when they say brief, it's 6 pages long).'
Seriously? I am not God. I do not have the answers to my future at this time. I do not know what is going to happen and how exactly I plan to become successful. I just want to make great music. But you know what? You can bet your ass I will work my butt off to get them those answers. And truthfully, its good. It gives me perspective, provides me with experience and will always - no matter what - help me in the long run.
It's just a matter of taking a deep breath, putting my boxing gloves on and tackling those pages. One by one. Until finally, I'm finished...and I am euphoric. Just, brimming with happiness and relief when I slip that thick orange envelope into the mail....
Then, I go home and start on the next one.

Diddy of the Day: I wanted to start planting a garden in our backyard. I started digging up the lawn (after planning the size out in my head). After about 1 hour I had a square foot done. Then, the Garden Nazi came and made me put back all the grass and dirt that took me so long to dig up.
Fact: I can no longer plant strawberries because by the time I dig up the lawn again and make my 'garden' it'll probably be June.
Fiction: Happiness is a coconut (unless of course it's a fresh young coconut from Chinatown in Toronto...I'm ecstatic when I get to have one of those!)

PS: I still haven't found a good gum yet. :)

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