Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's April already?

What the heck? I haven't posted a new blog since November 23rd?
Sometimes I find that over time I slowly get lazy updating things like this - which is bad, very bad. :)
So, I'm going to start out by saying, 'I will now update you at least 3 times a week.' (But please don't kill me if I flake out again haha).

So, what's new....
Well, I went to Memphis, TN in February for the Annual Folk Alliance International Conference and made many new friends. I had such a blast. :)
I also got to meet an amazing inspiration to me - Eliza Gilkyson. If you haven't heard her stuff definitely check it out. You will be an instant fan.

Another thing...I'm not vegan anymore! (yes, I said it. Even after all the harping I was doing in one of my previous posts). Here's how it all happened.
I started a workout program in November called P90X which is pretty extreme. I was making progress, but it was very slow - much slower than I felt it should be and I was always pretty drained after the workouts. In about January I got sick (and this was for about the 3rd time this winter) and so I had a counseling session with myself about what is healthy and what isn't.
I, obviously, was not healthy despite eating an incredible amount of fresh veggies, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains etc. There was something missing.
So, I introduced dairy back into my diet and felt an immediate energy surge. And that was the turning point. About a week later (took me a little longer because of my moral conscience) I began to eat meat again.

But you should have seriously seen me in the grocery store buying that first carton of eggs and yogurt. I was probably standing there for 25 minutes in front of the display internally arguing with myself whether or not I should get them. :)

Oh! And I can officially do 2 pull-ups unassisted now, and 3 chin-ups. Yep, pretty exciting seeing as I could barely get half way up before.

Diddy of the Day: I am a tea addict! Not really, but I drink a lot of it. :)
Fact: Matcha Green Tea is now my favourite and it takes me about 10 minutes to prepare it every day.
Fiction: I have Japanese Tea Ceremonies every morning and I dress up like a Samurai and fight the Blonde-haired chick from SuckerPunch who totally kicks my ass. (Even though that would be super cool).

P.S. - This picture is from a TV show called 'Samurai Jack' which I used to watch religiously.

P.P.S. - I really think I want to sign up for Jujitsu...


  1. Hey, I just came across your music... very cool. Also, high five for being named Ariana!

  2. Hey!
    Thanks so much.
    We Ariana's have to stick together. :)