Friday, January 6, 2012


I've been writing like crazy lately. Almost like I'm going crazy. Like my mind won't turn off - it doesn't know how. All day. All night. Every minute it feels like some new thing bursts into me with extreme force and I can't stop it. But instead of letting it pummel me into tiny pieces, I take it and shape it and try to make something out of it. Something new - something I've never heard before that I want to hear. Something that feels right.
Inspiration is strange…I don't know where it comes from. I don't know how I can get some. It's like this obsolete drug that is almost impossible to find. But, sometimes, like now, I get my hands on a whole stash of it and I can feel it pulsing inside of me, breaking down walls and screaming…screaming to just. get. out.
It's beautiful. It's like I'm another person and I get lost in it all.
And that's how I write my songs. It's an out of body experience that I can never quite remember.
I love it. I crave the insane, the drive, the motivation. When I can't sit still and ideas just race through me and out of me. When I open my mouth and a new melody just erupts out of my throat from somewhere deep down inside. A place that I could never reach if tried to - but believe me, it's there. And it's just waiting for that little spark of inspiration to coax it out of hiding so that it can be free.
And I never want it to stop.


  1. Song is like fashion. Get the concept. Put it together. Try it on. Taylor it to a perfect fit. Make sure it the "look" that defines who you are. Then stride it down the catwalk, displaying a fashion in music that will draw attention at a glance and completely captivate the audience.
    Sounds like you are creatively on fire, Ariana, but there can be cold winters, so use your fuel appropriately and tuck some away for those days when the cold, dry wind blows. Steve

  2. When you get in those moods, do you record what you say out loud too? I love writing myself but a lot of times it actually gets lost in translation when i transfer it from my mind to my mouth to my pad.