Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carrot Cake Fire

Lately I've had this insane drive. And I just can't stop thinking about music. All these ideas are bouncing around like those little rainbow balls in the playrooms at McDonald's.
It's amazing - and I love it.

Last night as we were driving home from the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, there was this huge fire in me. All the way home. Like there is so much to do to get my music heard and I just can't wait to get started. I have become so passionate about this it's crazy. And I'm getting so much done!

I remember about a year ago I wanted to quit. I thought about going back to school to become an Avian Veterinarian. I actually even called up Guelph University to ask about the application requirements. I mean I was almost dead set on doing this.
I'm not exactly sure what changed...maybe a good review or something someone said after one of my shows, but it gave me hope. It lit this small match, this fire, inside me that has been burning ever since. It's been steadily growing hotter and hotter in the past months. Last night was the brightest and hottest it has ever been.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and right now, my mind is as open as a book. And I am ready to sing and write and do as much as I possibly can to make this work.

Diddy of the Day: My absolute favourite cake is Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese icing. It is one of my biggest weaknesses. Once I take a little bite, I'm done for. The reason I bring this up is because last night we stepped into a little cafe to get coffee and there were these beautiful little pieces of carrot cake staring at me from one of the plates. I said no this time....but next time, I can't make any promises. :)

Fact: If you don't put shredded coconut and pineapple in a carrot cake it is NOT allowed to be labelled "Carrot Cake". Like seriously buddy, who are you trying fool? Not me...not me....

Fiction: I enjoy good cop bad cop movies.
I actually extremely dislike these types of movies because they are so gosh darn predictable! Yet, my dad rents them all the time....well those and cowboy movies. Yea, don't even get me started on those.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Album

So we've finally got the tunes for the new album all sorted out. (Had to pick 10 songs out of a list of almost 100). But, I'm confident in our song selection and now it's just a matter of gettin' 'er done.
I'm super excited to be working on the next album and am already buzzing with ideas!
We'll be in the studio the third week of June and we're hoping to have the album ready for release for the end of November.
Unbelievably, this actually isn't a lot of time, especially since we'll be touring out east in July, and have a lot of shows coming up in September and October. Recording a CD takes time, in my opinion. You need to think about things and listen to the songs over and over again to make sure they feel right. Of course, there are also exceptions to this rule, and there have been a lot of great albums that were recorded and finished in just a few weeks.
I still like to sit on things a bit though. :) Mull it over, and come up with ideas as they pop into my head (instead of forcing things out).

I met two awesome people last Saturday - and meant to write about it sooner, but time has just kind of flown by. They came to see Micah Barnes play his CD Release show at the Rivoli and I did an opening set. It was a great room, with great sound and I played pretty well considering I had my wisdom teeth out about a week and a half prior to it. Their names were Dylan and Krystal and they were both wonderful to talk too. They made me remember why I love doing what I do. It really isn't just about writing a song or singing a tune or playing a chord when it comes to music. There is this whole other side that you have to find and embrace and it never happens the same way twice. It's this emotional connection that takes place between you and the audience...especially the type that just manifests out of thin air and makes the room crackle with all this energy. It's truly incredible, and I love it. :)

Fun Diddy of the Day: I say the word crayons weird. (Or wrong...not really sure. Regardless, everyone always makes fun of me when I say it). Lol.
Fact: I draw and paint and such. (The picture below is some of my own art style that I'm still trying to develop.)
Fiction: Garfbumble! not a word. I promise. I even looked it up for the sake of maybe being wrong. But nopers, it is most definitely not.

Double Fun Diddy of the Day: I just remembered that I had a cup of coffee this morning! Yes! ME. Coffee!
And I know that this little tidbit of information may seem trivial to you. But, I actually HATE coffee. I mean, really really do not like the stuff at all. I am a total tea person. But, I woke up this morning and was like, 'I want a cup of coffee.'
It was so unbelievably weird-ee-ola. We'll see how long it lasts...